Q: How can I apply to receive a grant?

A: It’s easy! There is an application form available on the Hyundai Hockey Helpers Website.

Q: How does Hyundai decide who gets a grant?

A: In fact, Hyundai does not. Our program partner, KidSport, is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in helping under-resourced children play organized sports. KidSport is 100% responsible for processing donations and distributing grants for the Hyundai Hockey Helpers program.

Q: Can I donate my used hockey equipment to Hyundai Hockey Helpers to help a child?

A: That’s a very nice gesture, but Hyundai Hockey Helpers is not set-up to process equipment. Instead, consider selling your used equipment and donating the proceeds to help a child play hockey.

Q: How much are the grants?

A: The amount varies by individual and is calculated on an application basis. However, recipients can apply for a maximum of $500 per child.

Q: Who qualifies to receive a grant?

A: Hyundai Hockey Helpers will support under-resourced children and youth aged 18 and under who want to play hockey as part of an organized league or extracurricular school program that demonstrates a clear need for financial assistance.

QHow many kids are you going to help?

A: As many as we can. Hyundai is paying for all administration costs and covering the grants for the first 1,000 kids, while dealers are also conducting fundraising activities throughout the month of October so we can help even more deserving kids play organized hockey.

QCan I make a donation to Hyundai Hockey Helpers?

A: You sure can! You can donate through the Hyundai Hockey Helpers Website or go to KidSport.ca

QCan I get a tax receipt for my donation?

A: If you donate more than $25 and fully complete your contact information, KidSport can process a receipt for your donation.

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