Hockey is an incredible sport. It’s our nation’s favourite sport, and for good reason. Coast-to-coast, Canadians of all ages are playing in arenas, on make-shift ponds, or in the streets. What they share is a love for the game.

Experiencing that competition is important, but what many kids don’t realize is the lessons they learn from game. Hockey teaches us that winning was hard work. It also teaches them to find lessons when they lose, and the importance of working with – and relying on – a team. Those are skills they can use both on, and off, the ice.

But too many kids don’t get that opportunity to learn simply because they can’t afford the league fees or the equipment. From shin pads and skates to gloves and helmets, hockey can be an expensive sport.

For a kid who wants to play organized hockey, cost should never be a barrier. That’s why we created Hyundai Hockey Helpers. Our dealers will help at least 1,000 deserving kids get in the game through contributions to this program every year. And, by making donations to our not-for-profit partner KidSport™, you can help as well. Hyundai is covering all operational costs, so 100% of public support will go directly to help more children play hockey and develop skills that will last them a lifetime.

Together, we can let kids be kids. I hope you’ll join us.

Don Romano
President and CEO
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp

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